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Winter Training 2020 / 21 course details

  • 9-week SOCCER SKILLS Ages 6-7 years  15.00-16.00 (December 2nd 2020 – February 24th 2021) – 225.00 CHF
  • 9-week SOCCER SKILLS Ages 8-9 years 16.00-17.00 (December 2nd 2020 – February 24th 2021) – 225.00 CHF
  • 10-week SOCCER & FITNESS Ages 10-12 years  17.00-18.00 (November 25th 2020 – February 24th 2021) – 250.00 CHF
  • 10-week SOCCER & FITNESS Ages 13+ years 18.00-19.00 (November 25th 2020 – February 24th 2021) – 250.00 CHF

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Winter Training Programme (1)

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IBAN: CH70 0024 0240 7437 4141 H


Nam: Whibley Sports

Adresse: Rue Juste Olivier 13

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